At Impact Christian Church, we have a heart for reaching out in our local community and around the world. We financially and prayerfully assist Christian missions around the world. Read about our missionaries.

Choices Pregnancy Services, Coraopolis

Choices encourages women to go through with their pregnancy by providing ultrasounds, counseling, and sharing God's perspective on sex, love, and commitment. Choices also offers abortion recovery counseling and participates in abstinence education.

Christian HolyLand Foundation (CHLF), Israel

CHLF works in Israel within the community to help spread the love of Christ. They have actively made disciples in Israel since the 1970’s. They partner with six pastors and their wives. Currently reaching over twenty locations in Galilee, CHLF is involved in baptisms, discipleship and witnessing, church planting, vacation bible school and church camps, women’s ministry, and holds a Special Mother’s Day Celebration which is now the largest evangelical event in Israel that is organized by and for the indigenous population.

International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES)

IDES meets the physical and spiritual needs of suffering people throughout the world. IDES plants churches, helps missionaries, digs wells, provides medical care, rebuilds homes/churches after natural disasters, offers hunger relief, provides clothing and much more.


Kontaktmission serves Jesus Christ in over 40 countries in Western & Eastern Europe, Asia, South & North America, and Africa with team members from 35+ lands.  KM was started over 30 years ago as a church planting and evangelistic mission by young people in central Europe.  They are steadily growing and improving their missionary team and have an intentionally international focus.  KM looks to find and network with current local missionary efforts in countries across the globe. KM USA has its headquarters in Humboldt, TN, and sends American missionaries, as well as, supporting the efforts of other international workers.

Lifeline Christian Mission

Located in Haiti, Honduras, Canada, Arizona, El Salvador, and Cuba, Lifeline operates 16 schools, 2 children's homes, 3 medical/dental care clinics and several food pantries. Lifeline builds dozens of houses annually for the neediest families in Haiti and offers vocational training and emergency relief. Lifeline offers many areas for service including child sponsorships, short-term mission trips and hunger-relief programs. Lifeline is responsible for the ABC food program and the annual peanut butter drive. Lifeline also supports 24 churches and 26 house churches throughout their various mission fields.

Light of Life Rescue Mission

As a ministry of Jesus Christ, Light of Life will provide a home for the homeless, and food for the hungry, and will build disciples for the Kingdom of God among the poor, addicted, abused and needy.

Christian Mission in Asia

We support a family who have started work in Asia. There are serving by hosting motorbike camps, medical camps in the remote villages, leading youth and women’s seminars, and working with the poor and disowned children.

Rapha House

Founded in 2003, Rapha House exists to love, rescue, and heal children who have been rescued from trafficking and sexual exploitation. Rapha is a Hebrew word which means "healing." And healing is the heartbeat of Rapha House. The work of Rapha House was initially the vision of native Cambodian Christian leaders who had witnessed girls disappearing from their villages for years and being sold and exploited. Today Rapha House is an international safe house program which has won the favor of the governments in the countries in which it works, as an organization which practices excellence in the standards of caring for children who have been rescued from these traumatic situations.

Women in Christian Ministries (WICM), Coraopolis

WICM is a place of safety for women and their children who are in a crisis situation and in need of immediate refuge on a short or long term basis. Our services include transitional living which restores the women spiritually, physically, and mentally to transition back into the community. We assist with meaningful next steps to link them with resources that bridge their stay at WICM back to the wholeness of life and employment. We seek to improve the spiritual, social, and intellectual condition of women through the power of God.

Worldwide Hispanic Outreach (WWHO), Mexico

The Fuentes oversee six churches, plus they mentor three new churches in Mexico, and two new churches in the United States. They oversee 60 home churches in Cuba and have a new retreat center called Praise Valley Camp in Saltillo, Mexico. WWHO now offers child sponsorships.