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How To Friend

Friendships can be completely complicated. Add in the pressures that play a part in today’s school experience and connecting with other humans can be really overwhelming. In this 3-week series, we’ll discover how to navigate some of the most common experiences in our friendships. Whether it’s being a friend, finding friends, or working through something tough in a friendship, we’ll learn that the work it takes is always worth it.


September 11, 2022

  • Read: John 13:4-5; Luke 6:31
  • Bottom Line this week: Being a friend means serving your friends.
  • Discuss with your student: As your student starts their day, say something like this: “I’m always so impressed by how you _____.”
  • Pray: For your child to find opportunities to serve others this week

September 18, 2022

  • Read: Proverbs 12:26
  • Bottom line this week: The friends you choose impact the future you will have.
  • Discuss with your student: At a meal this week, have everyone mention the name of a friend and what makes them a good friend to you. Talk about a way each of you can help or serve them.
  • Pray: Take some time to pray with your child for their friends. Ask them what is going on in their friends lives that could use prayer and commit to praying for them daily.

September 25, 2022

  • Read: Acts 15:36-41
  • Bottom Line this week: Being a friend means walking away friendly.
  • Discuss with your student: Talk about a time where you had to walk away from something. What did you learn from it? Ask your student what would be a reason they would walk away from a friendship.
  • Pray: As you pray, thank God for your child’s best influences (friends/adults). And think of some ways to express your gratitude to those influences this week.


Series Memory Verse: "Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31

For each series - we provide your student with a YouVersion Bible Reading Plan. Encourage them to follow along (you can follow along too)! Download the YouVersion Bible App to get started.