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Current Series

Turning Doubt Into Hope

Doubt can lead to a deeper faith. When we doubt, God's response is not wrath but patience; far from punishing His doubting followers, God honors those who seek after Him with earnest questions and doubt.

A Word From Jesus

Some days life is good, other days it is hard...either way we need one thing to help us, enoucrage us, and motivate us. We need a word from Jesus. As we look at words Jesus said to different people that gave them strength and hope or provided a challenge, we pray we will also hear Jesus speak into our lives.

Surviving and Thriving! Lessons From The Life Of Joseph

We find ourselves in a difficult time with all sorts of twists and turns and changes. That also describes the life of Joseph in Genesis 37-50. We will use his life story and his close relationship with God to encourage us as we seek to survive and thrive for Jesus during these different times.

Beyond Me

This 2-part series will look into the life of Job who had everything, lost everything, then gained more than he could ever imagine. He found the good life through his struggles. Sometimes we need to lose control of our life to experience what Jesus wants to provide. This series will conclude with a challenge to move "Beyond ME" and be "all in" for Jesus.

Weird--Because Normal Isn't Working!

Today it is normal to feel stressed, worried and suspicious.  it is normal for people to be busy, selfish and struggling financially.  But Christ followers are called to be different.  Join us for this series where we explore going beyond normal.  Let's be weird because normal just isn't working.

Hope Was Born

Jesus was born into a world much like ours.  People were weary and in despair, they were full of fear and anxiety, and Jesus said they were hurting and helpless.  God sent hope to those people that first Christmas and to us this Christmas.  Join us as we focus on the fact that Hope was born for us.