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Current Series

Where is God?

Mental health is a battle so many of us face. It is okay to not be okay. All emotions are valid. Your feelings are not the struggle, it is what you do with what you feel. Through this series we will walk through the emotional struggles to see God's path to victory.

The Story of Us

No person or family is perfect. We are all just a bunch of ragamuffins. Even those "biblical greats" had to work through personal and family dysfunction to find completeness in their calling.

From Chaos To Victory

God works all things for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). It doesn't always feel like it, but God is always working behind the scenes to guide us towards Him. We will take a journey from the Triumphal Entry, to when Jesus was arrested, to the empty tomb. Through those crazy times, Jesus revealed that there is victory on the other side of chaos.

Forever Changed

In this series, we will examine the stories of eight people - among them a scholar, a failure, a blind man, and an adulterer - who found their lives changed forever when they found Jesus Christ.

Impact 2022

When we seek Jesus, when we strive to walk faithfully with Him, He promises to do even greater things (John 14:12). God is calling us to bigger and greater things to be His vessel of hope.

Impact Recharge
Jesus often broke away from the crowds to pray and connect with the Father. As we start a new year, this day is our opportunity to Recharge, to step away from the world,
to be still and know that He is God.
Finding Joy

Joy can be a hard thing to find in our world of hardships and chaos. Through Paul's letter to the Philippians, aligned with Jesus' birth story, we will go on a journey to find joy.

Love Revealed

The Bible is the ultimate love story. God loving us and loving others through us. Jesus commanded us to love as He has loved. Yet, we live in a world that attempts to redefine what love means. Through this series we will explore the love that Jesus revealed while on earth. The love he calls us to emulate.


There is a whisper deep inside us that there has to be more to life. This recurring message flashing in our brain comes down to this: I WANT TO KNOW GOD. Yet, we allow our fears, imperfections, weaknesses, sins, pains, and feeble efforts to pull us away. The wild thing is that the unthinkable, ridiculous, outrageous plan of God is: He wants to be close to us!


Cravings consume us. Deep within we crave things like attention, affirmation, acceptance, control, and knowledge. When those cravings consume us, what happens? Through the yearnings of our heart, we see the underlying reality, we were made to crave Jesus.

If You Could Ask God One Question

If you had the opportunity to ask God one question, what would it be? God is not afraid of our questions. In fact, He invites our questions. This series will explore some of the questions we tend to ask God. Through our questions, we can see God for who He is and experience His heart for us.