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Current Series

The Art of Loving Someone You Can't Stand

This series is derived from the book "How to Love Someone You Can't Stand" by Milton Jones. The bottom line is that we overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21).

The Journey

This message series will journey through Jesus' final week as He marches towards the cross. Life is ultimately a journey. Moments of triumph and brokenness, times when we laugh and cry, stages when we "get it" and stages when we are clueless. This journey not only leads us to the cross, it constantly intersects with it.

Making the Most of Every Opportunity


In every moment and every relationship there is an opportunity to take a step closer in experiencing the fullness that Jesus has to offer. As creatures of community, we will explore the opportunities in each relationship.

Together We Rise

 We believe that together we are the body of Christ and that God has given us a specific calling. Together we can experience the fullness of Christ. Together we can experience all the blessings of a community on a mission. Together we can share our story to bring hope into our broken world. Together we can make a positive impact in our world.

One Incredible Moment

This series is loosely taken from Max Lucado's book of the same title. We will focus on that "One Incredible Moment" that changed the world. Through the experience of those who saw Him first, we will celebrate the majesty of the manger.

Encounter Jesus

This series will look into three encounters with Jesus from the Gospels. Chances are, most of us can relate to these encounters. In each of these encounters we see the light of Jesus shine in dark moments. His light comes to the heart of our brokenness and uncertainty. Jesus sees it all. He sees the depths of our heart, yet He loves us and has a future for us.

Turning Doubt Into Hope

Doubt can lead to a deeper faith. When we doubt, God's response is not wrath but patience; far from punishing His doubting followers, God honors those who seek after Him with earnest questions and doubt.

A Word From Jesus

Some days life is good, other days it is hard...either way we need one thing to help us, enoucrage us, and motivate us. We need a word from Jesus. As we look at words Jesus said to different people that gave them strength and hope or provided a challenge, we pray we will also hear Jesus speak into our lives.

Surviving and Thriving! Lessons From The Life Of Joseph

We find ourselves in a difficult time with all sorts of twists and turns and changes. That also describes the life of Joseph in Genesis 37-50. We will use his life story and his close relationship with God to encourage us as we seek to survive and thrive for Jesus during these different times.