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Current Series

The Art of Loving Someone You Can't Stand

This series is derived from the book "How to Love Someone You Can't Stand" by Milton Jones. The bottom line is that we overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21).

Feel The Heat!

By the end of summer in Pennsylvania we are tired of the heat and ready for the cool and colors of fall. But there are several places in the Bible where we read about hot times, fiery experiences and just plain heat. Don't miss this hot series as we explore some of the ways heat is used to teach a lesson or show God's power.

Breaking Walls

We have done a really good job as a society at building walls with others.  It is time to tear them down.  Tearing down walls with each of us as individuals and how we view ourselves and treat others.

Choose Joy!

Life.  For some it is full of adventure for others it is full of drama.  It can be busy or boring or both.  The Bible helps us how to figure out how to Choose Joy whether times are good or times are hard.  Join us for this exciting series taken from the book of Philippians.

Above the Noise

God is still speaking today but the noisy voices around us and in our heads drown Him out.  The noise tells us that our sin, shame, failures, fears and insecurities are primary and should be heard.  God says that we should rest in Him, trust Him, and listen to Him. It's time to turn off the noise so that we can tune in to the only voice that matters.

Love The Burgh

In today's world so many churches are known for what they HATE or what they are AGAINST.  At Impact, we want to be known for what we LOVE and what we're FOR.  We LOVE The 'Burgh. We are FOR our community.  And we LOVE you and are FOR you!  We want you to know that God LOVES you and is FOR you too.  That's the message of the gospel - God loves you and He is FOR you.

Cheating Death

Did you know that Jesus wasn't the only one who died and then came back to life?  In this series we will look at resurrections before the resurrection and see what spiritual lessons we can learn from them.

The New ABCs Of Financial Freedom

Many people feel anything but free when they look at their finances.  They feel trapped by the bills they have to pay and the money they owe.  Using principles in a book we will give you, this series will help us learn how to honor God, manage our money biblically and achieve financial freedom in our personal finances.  Seven years ago the principles in this series positively impacted several families...this time it's your turn to find financial freedom!


Best. Year. Ever.

Every year we make resolutions and plans to be better or different.  We want something more.  But how does that happen?  How can we make sure we end 2019 better than we begin it? In this series we will look at how Jesus lived, what He said and discover how to apply His wisdom so we can experience our Best. Year. Ever.