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Current Series

Breaking Walls

We have done a really good job as a society at building walls with others.  It is time to tear them down.  Tearing down walls with each of us as individuals and how we view ourselves and treat others.


Whether it's filling a large bucket from a small sink, using a dustpan or cleaning your keyboard with a post it note, a life hack is a simple/brilliant/ridiculous solution for dealing with life's challenges.  What if doing one simple thing could change everything for you? Join us for this series as we explore spiritual life hacks that can change your relationship with Jesus forever. 

At the Movies

Summertime is when many go to the drive in or theater to see the latest blockbuster.  In this series, we will use movies (some current, some classic) to point us to Biblical lessons that will help us take our next step with Jesus.  Grab some popcorn and a drink and join us as we spend 6 weeks being challenged to grow At the Movies!