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Current Series

The Art of Loving Someone You Can't Stand

This series is derived from the book "How to Love Someone You Can't Stand" by Milton Jones. The bottom line is that we overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21).

A Resounding YES! God Keeps His Promises!

2 Corinthians 1:20 reminds us: For all of God's promises have been fulfilled in Christ with a resounding "Yes!" In this series we will look at Old Testament promises from God and show how God has kept, and continues to keep, his promises through Jesus. Every week we will look at a different promise and celebrate the fact we can count on God keeping His promises with a resounding YES!

Lifeline Living

Could you be strong enough to be a lifeline to someone? Could you help someone who is desperate? Join our guest speaker, Russell Johnson with “Lifeline Living”

His Love Through Me

At Impact, we do our best to let God love us and love others through us.  In this series we will focus on what it really looks like when our service and acts of kindness demonstrate God's love to others who are in our line of sight.  We will discover how God has specifically prepared each of us to influence people by letting them experience HIS love through ME. 

Curious Comments

When asked, many submitted comments we read in scripture that caused them to be curious about what was meant in that passage.  In this six-week series we will look at some of the ones that were submitted, and in a special Growth Group we will deal with as many of the others as we can deal with. Join us for this series as we seek to answer your questions and resolve your curiosity.

Good For Business

We tend to believe that "acting Christian" makes it difficult to get ahead in this world.  But, in reality living out the Christian faith is "good for business" and helps us move ahead in this world. God's Word encourages honesty, service, strong work ethic, caring for others, and respect for authority.


Some days we live without lunch to finish a project.  While dieting we might live without some foods to lose some weight.  We might live without things we want or need to make our budget balance. Most times we don't like living without, but sometimes it's healthy. In this series we will look at what the Bible says about living without in order to live.

Gaining a Heart for God

The Bible tells us about his embarrassing sins, missteps and his parenting problems, yet it also declares David to be "a man after God's own heart."  Though like David we sin far too much, this series will use several events from the life of David to help us Gain A Heart for God.

Messy Little Christmas

Christmas is full of neatly wrapped presents, peaceful family gatherings, quiet and calm evenings with Christmas music and hot chocolate. OK...not in the real word. Daily life is often messy and Christmas seems to get even messier. Real life was messy when Jesus was born. Join us for this series as we talk about Jesus stepping into our messy world and our messy lives.