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Oct 10, 2021 | Bill Balbach

Calling the Imperfect

How often do we make mistakes and then compound them with more mistakes in an effort to hide the original mistake? Have you ever done this? This is evidence that shows us that we are not perfect. Just like making a series innocent mistakes, it happens with sin too. When commit sin and then try to cover it up by committing another sin, guilt begins to build in us. This guilt that builds in our heart is what separates us from having a close relationship with God. Join in and listen as Lead Pastor Bill Balbach talks about freeing our hearts of guilt so we can have a better relationship with Jesus.

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There is a whisper deep inside us that there has to be more to life. This recurring message flashing in our brain comes down to this: I WANT TO KNOW GOD. Yet, we allow our fears, imperfections, weaknesses, sins, pains, and feeble efforts to pull us away. The wild thing is that the unthinkable, ridiculous, outrageous plan of God is: He wants to be close to us!