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Sep 25, 2022 | Bill Balbach

In My Relationship With Jesus

 So often we get frustrated with our lives because it doesn't match up with what we see on social media and many times we can also become frustrated with God because we're not receiving all the good things that we believe we should be experiencing. Listen in as Lead Pastor Bill Balbach help us to understand the disconnect we're experiencing and how to grow closer to God through these situations.  


Series Information

People live and die with a lot of good intentions; yet never fully take steps toward Jesus. They have good intentions, but don't take the step to serve, become a part of the church family, tithe, etc. This message series will walk through our "FORM" to take steps towards Jesus in our Family, Occupation, Relationship with Jesus, and His Mission. This is about our commitment to the Bride of Christ. What is one step you can take?