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Nov 20, 2022 | Bill Balbach

When God Lets You Down

We've all experienced painful moments in our lives where we feel like we are all alone. What do you do when you when you feel like that God has let you down? Do you yell and scream or become destructive? It certainly feels like betrayal when we feel that Jesus is not there in our times of need. In Lead Pastor Bill Balbach's message he looks at all the pain and grief that Lazarus went through when Jesus didn't just come running to give Lazarus aid and how HE uses this to demonstrate HIS power and glory.


Series Information

The Last Supper on the Moon will compel you to live with a more profound sense of purpose, a grander view of Jesus, and set you on a trajectory to life more abundantly. 

There is happiness, fulfillment, and the God-given purpose you are meant to walk in that is often missed out on. Like the moon, they are right there but always feel just out of reach. The answer is not in "finding yourself" but in looking up and discovering who Jesus is.

By poetically pairing the seven miracles found in John’s gospel with the Apollo Space Program, this series will help you face rejection and suffering with a new perspective, live with a child-like faith, unlock a more profound sense of purpose, and set you on a trajectory to life more abundantly.