Job 42:2

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Job 42:2

On April 19, 1970 a bold group of people met at Moon Middle School to start a new church in our area.  They served the community, sacrificed time and money and followed God's leading as they purchased the Thorn Run property, built buildings and set the pace for those of us who would be influenced later.

Most of us have joined Impact somewhere in the middle of the journey. Today we stand on their shoulders and on the shoulders of others who, for nearly 47 years, have let God love them and love others through them. As we have continued in their footsteps God has multiplied Impact’s effectiveness by allowing us to break attendance records and more importantly see hundreds of changed lives and hundreds being baptized into Christ. He has also expanded our outreach by allowing us to become one church in multiple locations.

As we enter this next defining season for Impact Church, we believe we are entering the days of our greatest influence for Jesus (at least so far)! I want to invite you to examine our UNSTOPPABLE vision for the future. I hope this book will answer your questions and inspire you to join us in being relentless in your faith by letting God use you as part of His UNSTOPPABLE plan.

My challenge to you is to consider what it means for you to be part of God’s UNSTOPPABLE plan. How does he want to stretch you and cause you to grow? We really believe generosity is transformational and that each of us will grow spiritually stronger when we accept the challenge to be radically generous. Imagine what it could look like if every single one of us participated in history-making sacrificial generosity for the purpose of letting God love us and love others through us!

For me personally, this is a time of stretching and growing and trusting God in new and bigger ways in response to His extravagant generosity. I am praying you will join me in this exciting journey!

I love you and I love being your Pastor!

Steve Hammer
Lead Pastor

I know that you can do everything, and that your plans are UNSTOPPABLE.  -  Job 42:2

Unstoppable Next Steps